Sunday, 30 October 2011

I was like

Yesterday I was like this - ready to party 

But then I got sick and ended up like this. I'm still sick. But that is okay since I have lots and lots of tea. And Firefly on my computah.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Skype'ing with Karianne late at night.
Sometimes it's hard being so far away from everyone else. Don't have time to talk 'till late late. So tired but don't want to go to sleep!

Sunday, 23 October 2011

At Home

The second serie from last week, taken in my kitchen. 

Model: Clara Rørsig, 1st Option Model Management
Stylist: Stine T. Nielsen
Photos: Me

Thursday, 20 October 2011


Model: Kristine Højbjerre
Stylist: Stine T. Nielsen
Photo: Me

 Had an amazing day yesterday with two different shoots in four hours. 
This is the first one with the wonderful model Kristine and briliant stylist Stine. I really do hope to have more shoots with these two in the future. Really fun shoot!

One of those days

Where everything is just one big questionmark and I don't feel like getting up from the sofa.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Shoot one of two

A little preview of one of the two shoots I'm working on today. 
Wow, I can get used to work with this as a profession!

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Four days

So this weekend I went up to Trondheim to see friends and go to a big photo-party (my old school has this annual thing where they get big photographers to have exhibitions and classes. And at the last day of it all, we all party all night long. Of course).
Even though I was almost literally running from friend to friend for four days straight, I did have an amazing time. So many amazing friends, I wish I could have more time to see them all. 
Oh my god I love you all (and mom, if you are feeling neglected, you are considered as one of my friends)!!

Åsta, Martine and Tuva

This is Sivert and Karianne. They are the best couple I ever know of. The night I took this picture they had their four-year-anniversary. When I was on my way to get out the door, I found them like this. Four years and they still act like they just met. I have so many wonderful stories about these two. They are my inspiration. They remind me that love like that exist. 

Went home to my (other) best friend. We had a nice night out drinking hot chokolate and looking at strange drunk people. And ended the night lying in bed watching a movie like the movie-freeks we are (it was a documentary filmed with the best and newest camera-equipment. We were like "wooooooow check that high-res-picture OUT!" But what can you do. I'm a photographer and he's studying to become a movie-director ((or something)). We are bound to jizz in our pants over something like that).

On saturday it was party-time! Åsta, Henrik and me at a pre-party.

Karianne and Sivert again.

Me and Siril. We used to share everything when we were younger, including chocolate milk in class (which we drank - or more like ate - a lot of!). Too bad I didn't see that much of her this weekend. But a little is more than nothing at least.

Sivert and his brother (Espen) at the party. I love this picture, it is the perfect partypicture haha.
I wonder if Sivert remember this though.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Love this song and video! Has gone on repeat all day today.


This is all I do these days (besides from this weekend when I was at home in Trondheim. Pictures will come very very soon, I promise!).
Ceveral shoots these next couple of weeks, it will be some busy days ahead. And I've had the best four days of my life both when it comes to my personal life (which will be mentioned later) and my professional. 
Am in contact with ceveral stylists and designers and model agencies. And I've gotten some couple of other messages that made me so happy that I, in the end, didn't know how to react. I just got so many positive messages at once that I just ended up laughing instead of dancing (which I usually do when I'm happy about something).
So happy I could die, as Lady Gaga sings.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Nice day Saturday

Went on a flea market today. For way little money I got a blouse, a dress, a frame and a showpiece. Yup, pretty satisfied with this day's shopping. Went in to find myself a new outfit for a party I'm going to in Trondheim in a week (I'm traveling home for four days to say hi to people I miss), and found three. Soooo yeah. Worth it. On these pictures I'm using both the dress and the showpiece (from Won Hundred btw). God I love it, I can't stop wearing it. Who needs a lover when you have clothes!

Friday, 7 October 2011

Thursday Night

 Yesterday was a cosy and fun night. We went out way too late (hurmm I might be the reason for that... miss-take-a-shower-at-the-last-second-and-can't-find-clothes-afterwards), drank some beers and went home again. It was really nice and funny and it felt good just to be out somewhere else than in Vanløse (after I started working, that is mostly where I have been this week). Little happening, but loads of pictures - of course.

So darn cute!

Me at the subway with my star wars-shirt on.

We went to Idealbar. A small but cosy and cool place.

She wore a new, sexy top I needed to document when we were walking home

All in all a nice night!

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Summer Eleven

Three more pictures from this summer. My view from my bedroom window this summer, me and Karianne having fun at the bus and Siril in her swimsuit from the day we went out to soak up some sun and swim.
This summer has been one of the best ones thus far. No doubt!

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

My London Girl

Found an old photo of me and my best friend for 21 years, Sarah. We were supposed to move to London together this year, but my wallet just wasn't thick enough. So she had to go by herself. It feels so... strange in a way, that I'm not with her, after all these years of talking and planning on living together in our favourite city (seriously, we've been talking about it since we were like... fourteen or something). I am already saving up for many trips over to her the coming year. 

It's like christmas!!

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Playing with reflections and sunshine

Stine Goya spring/summer 2012

Love the ss12-collection to Stine Goya. Especially the dress with gold "strings" all over it. Very me. I need it to function I think.