Wednesday, 7 September 2011


This is how I looked today. Went outside feeling pretty good with nice hair and makeup and all that jazz. And walked out in the inner city of Copenhagen when it started to rain a little. I thought "oh well nothing to do about that, don't have an umbrella anyway, so I should just keep on walking". But all around me, people started running under roofs. And I'm like: no way hose, I'm not that much of a wus, but started getting a bit nervous - I was the only one walking out in the rain! And before I got to consider running under a roof myself, the whole damn sky opened up and SPLOSH, I was soaked in two seconds. I like rain and all that, but OH that was hardcore. So I went home and took pictures of myself. Of course, why wouldn't I? What else is there to do when you are soaked? 
There is nothing special with the alfit and I'm not especially fashionmodel-y. But I'm posting them anyway.

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