Monday, 12 September 2011


So another day with jobhunting is done. Good one today, even though I got the question "how old are you?". Again. Damn, I'm so looking forward to the day I look like I'm older than 15 (yup. you heard me. 15. On saturday I got stopped and not allowed to buy alcohol. And here you only have to be 16 to buy it. So I was like "... lady... I'm 21..." Jeez). Other than that - here are some pictures of the appartment. The parts that are finished and furnished enough to show at least.

This is me. I feel like the mirror sort of is positioned the wrong way. I always stand in the opposite direction of the daylight. 

Shirin got some wall-sticker-thingy from her work some couple of days ago. So we got it up on the kitchen wall right away. 

It made the kitchen look awesome! 

This is the hall with the picture-wall. Still need more pictures, but we are getting there. 

Karianne is of course up there with flowers in her hair.

And our blackboard by the door. Shirin tought me that the norwegian word "pul" (means fuck - pardon the french) is something the danish don't understand. So we tend to shout it out randomly out in the streets like someone with tourettes. We find it very amusing, I love it. The top there is censored because it contains the lyrics of a song we find pretty embarrasing to like. So you'll just have to wonder what on earth we have written there. 

And finally, this is our bird. I've forgotten the name of him, but he sits in the window, looking cute for us every day.

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