Thursday, 1 September 2011

Day Two

I don't really think I will keep this up every day. It was actually kindof hard to try to remember to take pictures all throughout the day today. Half of the things we did wasn't all that fun to photograph anyway though. Shirin and me did some neccesary stuff (signing the lease etc) and did a quick guided tour around the city centre. I felt like the biggest tourist ever. But it felt kinda nice to actually understand people more than I thought I would. But OH that does so not mean that I understood it all. Half of it has been me saying "huh?" and they saying "bobibabubi?" (that is what danish sounds like to me right now). Am looking forward to it being all understandable. Here are today's pictures:

Had a really nice breakfast. I love our kitchen, it is so... uhm... Artsy, in a way. 

Our display of tea-boxes (mostly Shirin's) 

I've found myself a new favourite. Cinnamon-crackers and banana on top. YUM! 

There was a wall full of nails in it, so we're working on a wall full of pictures. We're going to find old frames when the weekend comes. Really pretty ones too! 

 This is the cutest roommate ever!

After hours of neglecting my camera, I dragged it up from my purse. This is after the tour around town on our way back to Vanløse (were we live).  

It was pouring down. My hair has seen better days (it is not sweaty and icky if some of you might believe I'm one of those). 

Had to take a subway-picture of course. I love the tube, it always inspires me in a way. 

This is where I live. 9B. I'm in love already. 

This is my street!  

We came home and I made the best dinner EVER (Chicken filled with mozarella and grilled potatoes on the side)! 

Our view from the kitchen window. I like it even though it's not much. 

We sat down and watched some tv. I tried to understand the danish. Still hard! 

Shirin's room is so incredibly beautiful! Though everything is a mess right now. 
Hopefully we'll fix that soon.

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Ser fint ut lille due! Kos dæ!