Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Moving Day

So now I've moved to Copenhagen. I haven't experienced that much just yet since I came late yesterday and I had like a million ton of suitcases to carry. Plus I looked and smelled and felt like a toilet, so I just wanted to go home and take a shower (both me and Shirin smiled and laughed when I said "home" yesterday. It is a wonderful feeling!). 
I have sort of promised some people I know that I would try to do a more "what I do on a daily basis"-blog from now on. So that they have some clue on what I'm doing down here. So here is yesterday in pictures (in black and white. Because yesterday was both black/sad and white/happy. Shirin found that out yesterday hehe):

 My uncle's livingroom in the morning when I just had stood up (it was eeeaarly)

In the morning when I haven't started stressing and lifting, my hair had curls for some reason. And one curl was really cute. 

Karianne came with me to the airport. I struggled not to cry the whole time (we both gave up in the end when people started going onboard. Cried like a baby on the flight. And yes, it was embarassing). 

Karianne likes to express her feelings. I like it. 

We weren't really sure if Karianne (which didn't have a ticket) were allowed to get all the way through the gates. We ended up behind the duty free in the end. We still don't know if she really were allowed...

I looked like shit. And felt worse. And that was only halfway. I still needed to drag those darn suitcases a long way after that. 

Me with a one-way ticket to Copenhagen. 

Had to take pictures on the plane of course. This is the last thing I saw of Norway before I fell asleep. 

After loads of dragging and pulling and swearing, I ended up here with Shirin. I was so happy seeing her that I cried some more. She's so pretty! Sigh.

And here I am. My room is big and pretty, the appartment is perfect, and my bed is big (something I've missed for a long time!). There is nothing more to see right now, since things are really messy and unorganized. But will post apartmentpictures as soon as everything is fixed!

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