Saturday, 13 August 2011

If I had something more interesting to post than photobooth-pictures of myself, I so totally would.
But since I haven't touched my digital camera for months, the picture-proofs of my life get a bit delayed (since they are all analouge).
Went bowling today, and then I went to the cinema with some friends, and after that again, we went out on a restaurant and just sat outside, eating, drinking and just had a really good time. I took pictures, so that'll come later. I still have like eight pictures left on my camera, so it'll take some time before it comes. I should start using my digital camera. Or at least something less easy. I soon wouldn't know what shutter and aperture is if I keep this up hah.
Was a makeup-model today for my aunt as well, and figured I could just have the makeup on for the evening. It looked really good and I learned loads (well that's not so hard, considering my expertice in the area already. "Eyeliner-check. A little rouge-check. Mascara-DONE!"). 

But now I have to go to bed. Am going to work tomorrow morning hah. 

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