Thursday, 25 August 2011


As mentioned earlier, I had a pretty awesome day a week-ish ago. And finally I've gotten the pictures from it. Now I have proof for actually having a life! That's cool.

 Henrik and Sascha playing pool. Right there I thought "this summer is really nice!"

Me and Sascha won. Only because I was on the team of course!!

Then we ditched Sascha and went to the cinema to see Captain America. It was really good, we were satisfied and then me and Henrik went to a restaurant to get something to eat and drink. There we met Tina and later on, Siril also came.

 It was one of the best nights I've had this summer. (Tina is holding up a gift she got from Henrik. She loves Elvis, so she was pretty happy)

Me getting a bit tired after a long day of awesome.

These two pictures was from an earlier happening, but I put it here alongside the others anyway.
One day I managed to drag with me Sascha, Tina and Henrik on Bowling.

And it was really fun!

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