Wednesday, 31 August 2011


One sentence has been going through my mind all day today: 
This is exactly how I've hoped I one day would live. 

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Moving Day

So now I've moved to Copenhagen. I haven't experienced that much just yet since I came late yesterday and I had like a million ton of suitcases to carry. Plus I looked and smelled and felt like a toilet, so I just wanted to go home and take a shower (both me and Shirin smiled and laughed when I said "home" yesterday. It is a wonderful feeling!). 
I have sort of promised some people I know that I would try to do a more "what I do on a daily basis"-blog from now on. So that they have some clue on what I'm doing down here. So here is yesterday in pictures (in black and white. Because yesterday was both black/sad and white/happy. Shirin found that out yesterday hehe):

 My uncle's livingroom in the morning when I just had stood up (it was eeeaarly)

In the morning when I haven't started stressing and lifting, my hair had curls for some reason. And one curl was really cute. 

Karianne came with me to the airport. I struggled not to cry the whole time (we both gave up in the end when people started going onboard. Cried like a baby on the flight. And yes, it was embarassing). 

Karianne likes to express her feelings. I like it. 

We weren't really sure if Karianne (which didn't have a ticket) were allowed to get all the way through the gates. We ended up behind the duty free in the end. We still don't know if she really were allowed...

I looked like shit. And felt worse. And that was only halfway. I still needed to drag those darn suitcases a long way after that. 

Me with a one-way ticket to Copenhagen. 

Had to take pictures on the plane of course. This is the last thing I saw of Norway before I fell asleep. 

After loads of dragging and pulling and swearing, I ended up here with Shirin. I was so happy seeing her that I cried some more. She's so pretty! Sigh.

And here I am. My room is big and pretty, the appartment is perfect, and my bed is big (something I've missed for a long time!). There is nothing more to see right now, since things are really messy and unorganized. But will post apartmentpictures as soon as everything is fixed!

Monday, 29 August 2011

Goodbye Trondheim, hello Copenhagen.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

My girls were bridesmaids today.
I had to take pictures of course

Saturday, 27 August 2011


Two days until I'm moving. So I've started on packing down my life (again). This time it's loads more tricky, since I have to downscale it to only three suitcases (HOW ON EARTH WILL I MANAGE THAT?!). Aaaanywhoooos. I tried to drink up most of my alcohol yesterday, since I don't have any space to bring it with me. But oh how I failed. I just have too much stored! So today I figured I would open my bottle of red whine. It's pretty good. And I love my look right now, it's so shabby it's almost cool. Standing in my bathrobe and drinking red whine from the bottle. And listening to Jamie Woon.
The Jamie Woon-part might not be so shabby. That's just nice.

Sailor me Up

Last time I was in London, I found this old sailor-"jacket" (in lack of other words-let's not blame it on the braineating vodka I had last night) in a vintage-store. And the best thing is, it fits me perfectly! So today, when it is raining, I will wear this and be superhappy since I am being superwarm and look supercool. 
I really hope the sun won't come out today though, cause then I'll melt away in a second. This jacket is the warmest thing EVER!

Thursday, 25 August 2011


It doesn't really look appetizing, and I know it says "chocolat" on the glass, but still. I bought me some strawberries today and I ate them too. They were deLIcious! 

And I had to prove it in some easy and quick way before I ate them all up (which I did two minutes after this picture was taken). MMM!


As mentioned earlier, I had a pretty awesome day a week-ish ago. And finally I've gotten the pictures from it. Now I have proof for actually having a life! That's cool.

 Henrik and Sascha playing pool. Right there I thought "this summer is really nice!"

Me and Sascha won. Only because I was on the team of course!!

Then we ditched Sascha and went to the cinema to see Captain America. It was really good, we were satisfied and then me and Henrik went to a restaurant to get something to eat and drink. There we met Tina and later on, Siril also came.

 It was one of the best nights I've had this summer. (Tina is holding up a gift she got from Henrik. She loves Elvis, so she was pretty happy)

Me getting a bit tired after a long day of awesome.

These two pictures was from an earlier happening, but I put it here alongside the others anyway.
One day I managed to drag with me Sascha, Tina and Henrik on Bowling.

And it was really fun!


My nails are like a mermaids nails. Pretty and blue-green-silver-ish.
I wish I also could have a tail and swim all day long under water.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


I found a movie I thought I'd lost years ago, when I was packing down things yesterday. It's a japaneese movie about two girls (both called Nana) meeting on a train and end up living together, having (of course) trouble in their love life. But I just love their friendship and how it is shown in the movie. It is so beautiful! Kindof a chickflick and kindof a bit strange, but oh so worth watching.
P.S. It's called "Nana"

The new Class

For those of you that is not in my closest group of friends and family, should know that my best friend (also known as my sister on facebook. Yeah we did that. And we're not embarrased) is this girl. We started taking pictures when we were fourteen-ish, in the woods with a digital compact camera and we felt like we rocked it pretty hard. These small photoshoots has ended up in us both being photographers. Because of various reasons, Karianne (that's the girls' name) couldn't go to the school at the same time as me, but now, when I am finished - she got in on the best photographyschool in the world (yeah. I said it. With bold text).  So then I am, of course, obliged to join her on all the things they do before I leave to Copenhagen. And even though it is kindof sad and embarassing to tag along on things I've already done two years ago, I kindof liked it. I even got in on their first class with inspirational talking and pictures. So now I have that inspirationboost I miss so much from being on school. So... Score! Here are some pictures from the last few weeks with tag-alonging:

 The day before first day of school, people get together to barbecue.

Every year a secondgrader takes a portrait of a firstgrader. Karianne is getting her makeup on for the shoot.

I sneaked in and took a picture of the shoot, teehee!

And because I thought the film was used up and I was just trying to take pictures to make it roll back, I ended up with a selfportrait in the mirror. Totally not on purpose of course!

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Rocking Cars

Selfportrait late at night is fun. Yellow hair makes me always feel like a rock star!


Maybe I should be blonde? Or maybe I should get Cruella DeVille-hair? Yes? No?
Naaaah just kidding. I'm not leaving red just yet, no matter how unapproving grandma is to it.


My two girls (which really is my cousins, but they have always been "my girls") with homemade costumes. They looked so cute, so I had to take pictures of them!

Friday, 19 August 2011


This girl right here (the girl referred to is me if any of you were in doubt) is moving to Copenhagen in ten days. Ten days! Oh my lord, I am so excited and terrified and oh oh so many feelings at one time I don't know what to think. But I feel this will be good. It is a beginning of the life I want, even though that means leaving my friends for a while.

Btw, David, thank you for the ninetee's-runway-tumblr you linked on facebook and yeah I look so much better than you, how does it feel?

Sunday, 14 August 2011


Had nothing to do, and the weather was nice, so I jumped on the bike and dragged Karianne with me out in the woods. And for the first time in (yes it is kindof embarrassing to say it) months, I used my digital camera. Need to buy myself a new one though. It shouldn't be allowed to call yourself a photographer and still only have Canon 400D (for those not in the know of what is what in the camera-world, a Canon 400D is like a dinosaur that isn't even cool and old. It's just old. And so irritatingly bad). 
Oh, Karianne, you are so beautiful!

Saturday, 13 August 2011

If I had something more interesting to post than photobooth-pictures of myself, I so totally would.
But since I haven't touched my digital camera for months, the picture-proofs of my life get a bit delayed (since they are all analouge).
Went bowling today, and then I went to the cinema with some friends, and after that again, we went out on a restaurant and just sat outside, eating, drinking and just had a really good time. I took pictures, so that'll come later. I still have like eight pictures left on my camera, so it'll take some time before it comes. I should start using my digital camera. Or at least something less easy. I soon wouldn't know what shutter and aperture is if I keep this up hah.
Was a makeup-model today for my aunt as well, and figured I could just have the makeup on for the evening. It looked really good and I learned loads (well that's not so hard, considering my expertice in the area already. "Eyeliner-check. A little rouge-check. Mascara-DONE!"). 

But now I have to go to bed. Am going to work tomorrow morning hah. 

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Tuesday, 9 August 2011


I feel pretty cool today, with my Daft Punk-tshirt and a shirt underneath (Sheldon-style). Found by the way a tshirt-webshop yesterday and went crazy (I have a thing for kindof-nerdy-tshirts) since it was all star wars and anchorman and cut the rope (that iphone-game with the reeeeally cute nomnom-thing that wants candy) and Tron and OH my lord, I felt like I was in heaven. It's sooo hard to tell myself "Camilla, you reeeaaally don't have any money right now to go buy yourself thousands of tshirts". So I gave myself a little break and let me buy three. I haven't decided which ones just yet, only that one will be a Tron-shirt, one will be a Star Wars-shirt and the last one will be something entirely different (maybe something from the fraggles or from Seinfeld. "No soup for you" teehee)
Oh my LORD (again) I just found Buffy-shirts. This will not end well...

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Night Air

Found my mum's old dress here one day. It's long and green and kindof ninetees. Perfect fit as well, worth it! Used it today with a vintage belt (from the war actually. Kinda cool). 
Should have taken some real pictures of it, but the room is so small and my head wants to explode (headache from hell is what it feels like). So that'll have to be for some other time.

Good night!