Friday, 15 July 2011


I know it probably doesn't look like it amongst all the cool stuff I post and talk about here on my blog, but every once in a while, I actually do have trouble in my life. Some serious too. Sometimes it is even so hard that I don't know if I'll manage to survive! Let's go through some of it:

Sometimes I really struggle with brushing through my hair. Actually that happens a lot, that's why I end up not doing it and get really big dreads all over the place. Sometimes the whole thing is just one. big. dread.

Sometimes I have no idea what I'm doing and end up looking like someone trying to be sexy but failing very much so in nailing it.

Sometimes... I have no idea what's going through my head 

Sometimes I wake up being pretty. Not many people can say that! 

Sometimes I'm bored since I'm wearing glasses and try to be smart. But it is mostly just boring.

Sometimes I even get together with my friends.  

And sometimes I am just not really good at opening my eyes in the right time. 
So much for Tyra Banks' "Smeyes!"

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Rafa said...

Awww. So cute!