Sunday, 24 July 2011

Photos from the summer

More photos are developed and scanned today. This time from different parties and concerts I've been on the last month (or maybe more like weeks, but who's counting). My ultimate partycamera strikes again!

First off, from my birthdayparty (which sort of blew. Again. I'm done with trying to make my birthday happen haha). Henrik is by the way my best buddy. 

Siril. I found it really funny to see her through the window all alone and smoking, so I had to take a picture of it. Ofcourse.

Charlotte is so cute when she laughs

Tina and Karianne

Tina and Karianne had to make their hair big and fluffy before hitting town

Tina and me out enjoying the partylife

Tina and Sivert

Hermann and me at a concert on thursday

Haha, love the face in the background!

Hermann and me making kissing-faces to the camera. It's what we do.

Hermann making the angry face. I always crack up, because he comes with it in such strange places in a conversation.

The concert I wrote about on thursday

I loved it!

Petter is so talented. Oh.

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