Friday, 22 July 2011

Petter Winther

This was just what I needed. That little hint of perfection was enough for me to explode in feelings and art. I can feel it so bad I am shaking. 
Took many more pictures of tonight with my analogue camera, will develop tomorrow, so just you sit tight! 
Was at a concert today, with a friend of mine from my acitvist-days (I was young and cute and loved the environment). He is so talented, this young man, with so many beautiful songs up his sleeve. Tonight he had a cd-release-concert and my head hurts so bad right now from all the yelling and cheering I came with. I can't help it, when I hear him sing I just can't stop smiling. Not only is his voice amazing, but the music itself is perfect for me. I love it so much, this cd will be so worn out!
Petter, I love you, God!

(And Hermann, I love you too for buying me that irish coffee that made me a bit tipsy at the end)

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