Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Today we marked the tragedy that happened here in Norway on friday. First it was a one minute silence at noon and then there were a gathering for all those who mourns and want to show their respect and sympathy for the victims in the terrible murders on innocent lifes. I think all the words and adjectives has been used up in describing the shock and sadness we all feel these days, but still I find myself repeating them over and over, in some sort of denial - cause it is too unbearable to coprehend.
When I got to work, it was noon and everybody at the center-mall I work at had closed the shops and gathered in the open space. Alongside with customers, we all stood there in silence, and people started holding hands. In the end, there were almost like a chain of people holding hands. People who never have met before held hands together and shared the same unbelievable grief. 

I didn't know any of the victims. And I find it irrational wether or not I've known someone who knew someone who saw something. The fact that a human being could plan for nine years to assasin kids with such cold blood. Stare them in the eyes and shoot them like they were nothing - for no other reason than they MIGHT one day become a part of a political party who saw the world in a different way than him - is just not what I can manage to shake off. I have cried noumerous times these last couple of days. I've watched the news 24/7, I've read all there is to read and seen all there is to see. Watched kids and teenagers talk about what they saw and experienced as they watched their friends get shot or how they survived with dead friends lying over and under them. And I cry every time, because it is such a terrible thing and such a nightmare to think that YES this person actually exist, YES there is someone in this world capable of doing such a crime and still look at himself as a hero. They still exist. And when I saw that little thing today, at a mall, with a little group of strangers, holding hands and mourning in silence for the loss this country have had these days. Well, it was beautiful to see and oh so hard to watch and hold back the tears.

Trondheim (my town) today

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