Monday, 27 June 2011


Some couple of weeks ago, my school had a final exhibition for us graduates. We partied so good, it was insane! It was that kind of perfect party were you always were drunk cause somebody always gave you something to drink, and you always had someone to talk to, because there were so many people attending it. Oh and it was supernice to have my pictures on the wall too.
Here are some pictures from the photobooth some guys from class put up.

Some of the coolest personas I know

Bt. I love him. He's ruined me for all other men, sigh.

Me and two of the coolest girls ever. I love Hege's face (her in the middle).

My hot lover (for that night hurr) and me.

My gang and me. I love you.

I LOVE that smile!

Best people ever (yes I am really missing everyone right now)

I love this picture!

I love his jaw!!!

And two randoms and me (no kidding, I know them both very well. They're cool I promise)

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Anonymous said...

love you too, babe!