Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Pink Punk

 Sorry for being dangerously close to spamming you with fashion-shoot-plans-pictures of myself. But to my deffence, I did get one of the three wigs today (borrowed it from a friend) and I fell so hard in love with it when I took it on. It's pink, it's long (WOW I sound like Samantha in sex and the city explaining the perfect dick), and it's perfect. I love it. I want sunday to be today!


Anonymous said...

It's dickelicious!

Jett kæm som posta den commenten hær da? Den støgge google accounten min e tebakestående.. så da ble det "anonymous"

You know you love me


Camilla Hay Jenssen said...

Hahahaha! Takk Charlotte :D