Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Today, Tuesday

Today I had two of the best girls in the world on a visit. Charlotte has been here since sunday, and we've been to the cinema and we've eaten loads of chokolate and chips and talked. And today we made the best breakfast ever-with pancakes, rollers and eggs. Which had to be photographed and published of course. We also danced a lot and got hooked on Justice's new song "Civilization", which has been on repeat the last couple of days. And that's also the reason for why none of the pictures of Charlotte is in focus. That girl just don't know how to sit still while a picture is taken!
And then, today, after the breakfast, Shirin came on a little visit. I don't see her that much since she lives in Copenhagen and I never have enough money to go visit her (which kills me, since I love to be with her so much) so I was so happy when I saw her today.

Btw, I've decided that I want to try out the more "daily-business"-kind of blog. You know, the one where you get to know more about what I'm doing and stuff. There are ceveral reasons for it, but number one is so that I have an excuse to take more pictures on a daily basis. Also because I'm moving to London (it is almost settled. I just have to go, you know. Don't have a good reason for it, I just have to) in a couple of months, and then it would be nice for my family and friends to know what I'm up to and three - I'm freaking out about everything that is happening with my life right now, and I feel like I need just at least one thing that is positive and reminds me of what I have. And this place is perfect for that! Now, I'm not saying I'll manage to keep it up all that much, but I am gonna try. Now I have to go back to the busy life of being a photographer. I know I've been warned about it, but it's still kindof shocking how much there actually is to do. Bye!

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