Saturday, 30 April 2011


Today has been one of the nicest days I've had in a long time. I took myself the day off before exams and jobs and all starts. So I woke up, went out to meet Åsta and walked around in town, met Renate and ate icecream while laying down, enjoying the sun. Then we walked to the other side of town (yes, I do live in a city so small I can walk through it in ten minutes) and met Hera and Anita. And after a glass of "safe sex on the beach", I went home to eat dinner and watch Pocahontas, which I accidentally came across on the tv and had forgotten how beautiful it is. And then, as if the day wasn't good enough already, Shirin called me from kobenhaven, where she was at a Lykke Li-concert, letting me hear my favourite songs. And when she wasn't holding up the phone so I could hear, she sent me pictures of the concert. I love that she did that! I felt like I was there with her, wanting to scream with the rest of the audience. Now, this might not seem as that much to write about, but after months of work, school and work, this day feels perfect! Took some pictures of it too, but they are analogue, so you'll have to deal with a picture-less blogpost today. Nighty!

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Shirin Celine said...

Ååååh så fin du e:) skulla også ønska at du va der, men du va jo i hjertet mitt og det telle litt:)