Monday, 25 April 2011

Easter '11

This easter I made a rule that I took pictures every day. So I did. Though most of them are of my cat, but still, I took the pictures... Urgh. 
This easter I was at my mother's place, eating cake and candy and everything else that will positively make me fat. And my cat got some company on the porch (the little reeeally cute black cat you see on picture #3), but since she's a wus (my cat), she ran like hell to my mother's bedroom and didn't get out 'till the morning after. And then, yesterday, we went to visit my grandmother and step-grandfather. We sat out and enjoyed the sun, and when we got inside, my cousin (the girl on the bottom two pictures) dragged me around to play nurse. And she healed the scratch on my arm with a coin in a bottle. True story!
Now it's back to work and school and stuff like that.

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