Wednesday, 20 April 2011

About Blogs

I just felt like sharing my top blogs today.

My ultimate number one favourite. Her perfect log of her own life is fantastic to sit down and dream away in, wishing you could be one of her fabulous-looking friends eating that amazing-looking food and wearing the ridiculously pretty alfits and dresses. This is the one blog I watch daily.

The first blogger I started watching actually. Started loving her when she was young and cute and had a somewhat normal style (well not normal, but like, something I could wear you know). Now she's an older and more fabulous version of that girl, with cooler pieces and a face still oh so cute. She writes a lot about fashion, and I read it all, cause she's also talented in writing, which amuses me loads.

Hannah and Landon:
Oh sigh. Hannah and Landon is my visual blog. If I feel down and sad, I always go to Hannah and Landon for some comfort. Cause the beauty of this blog is so perfect. And Hannah is so beautiful. How is it possible to be that beautiful? Sigh.

Sea of Shoes:
She's cute and her style is soooo cool. And her shoe-closet is so big it's a darn room (Or it's a wall on a room, but it aint small you know). Her pictures are fab and I love love love her hair! And of course her taste in jewelry and accesories.

Style Rookie:
She is my goddess. So young and so talented, it's almost not fair. And today I found myself shouting in my head "why aren't you more on this blog? It is so friggin' amazing and exactly what you like these days!" Cause you see, if you are like me and has a crush on the style of the 90's, then this blog is something for you. But she also takes forth other styles. That's the thing about Style Rookie. She finds everything and mix it together to something brilliant. I love her.

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