Saturday, 30 April 2011


Today has been one of the nicest days I've had in a long time. I took myself the day off before exams and jobs and all starts. So I woke up, went out to meet ├ůsta and walked around in town, met Renate and ate icecream while laying down, enjoying the sun. Then we walked to the other side of town (yes, I do live in a city so small I can walk through it in ten minutes) and met Hera and Anita. And after a glass of "safe sex on the beach", I went home to eat dinner and watch Pocahontas, which I accidentally came across on the tv and had forgotten how beautiful it is. And then, as if the day wasn't good enough already, Shirin called me from kobenhaven, where she was at a Lykke Li-concert, letting me hear my favourite songs. And when she wasn't holding up the phone so I could hear, she sent me pictures of the concert. I love that she did that! I felt like I was there with her, wanting to scream with the rest of the audience. Now, this might not seem as that much to write about, but after months of work, school and work, this day feels perfect! Took some pictures of it too, but they are analogue, so you'll have to deal with a picture-less blogpost today. Nighty!

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Done and Done

I'm done. I have exams left and then I'm finished with school. It is such a strange feeling going through me right now. Some sort of strange relief mixed with exhaustion and insecurity and satisfaction. 
Will post more pictures tomorrow or the day after, when I have the time and energy to sit down and resize and pick the best ones. My feeling towards the result? It's like, okay you know. Not good, not bad, just right there in the middle.

(For those of you that are not in my class; the assignment was to take pictures as if for a clothing label and make a magazine. Since I am out of ideas for what to call my label, I just used my name. I figured if Christian Dior and Yves Saint-Laurent could do it, so can I)

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Magazine me Baby

This is the result of the last assignment on school. The very last one. How on earth will I survive? I am one exam away from a finished education!
Well anyway, will post some of the pictures soon, I just have to finish the other half of the assignment, which is to make a "fashion-artsy fartsy-kindof-movie". Don't know if I will post that one though. I'm not that great a movie-maker you know. Well, honestly, I really suck at it hah.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011


So now I've finally ordered my 2010-book! It took me some time to save up enough money for it, but now I finally got it done. It's a (really thick) book with loads of pictures from last year and I can't wait for it to be in my hands and on paper! I think it'll be perfect, teehee.
This picture is the cover of my book. A picture I took when I was in London with three of the most perfect people I know. Sigh, I miss it. And I can't believe I'm moving there soon!

To Be Tragical

I naaaiiiiled iiiit

Monday, 25 April 2011

Easter '11

This easter I made a rule that I took pictures every day. So I did. Though most of them are of my cat, but still, I took the pictures... Urgh. 
This easter I was at my mother's place, eating cake and candy and everything else that will positively make me fat. And my cat got some company on the porch (the little reeeally cute black cat you see on picture #3), but since she's a wus (my cat), she ran like hell to my mother's bedroom and didn't get out 'till the morning after. And then, yesterday, we went to visit my grandmother and step-grandfather. We sat out and enjoyed the sun, and when we got inside, my cousin (the girl on the bottom two pictures) dragged me around to play nurse. And she healed the scratch on my arm with a coin in a bottle. True story!
Now it's back to work and school and stuff like that.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

YumYum Easter!

Yay! I just got my easter-candy from mum! No egg though, it got lost when we moved... 
But that's all okay, it's the inside that counts!!! Nomnomnom!

It's just fashion

A teeny tiny sneak peak on my fashion project on school. None of my pictures will be like this though, since it's more lookbook-pictures and we have to show the clothes like they are (equals pretty much boooo-riiing). So then I felt like "fucking up" a picture right now. Just for fun and a little breather.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

About Blogs

I just felt like sharing my top blogs today.

My ultimate number one favourite. Her perfect log of her own life is fantastic to sit down and dream away in, wishing you could be one of her fabulous-looking friends eating that amazing-looking food and wearing the ridiculously pretty alfits and dresses. This is the one blog I watch daily.

The first blogger I started watching actually. Started loving her when she was young and cute and had a somewhat normal style (well not normal, but like, something I could wear you know). Now she's an older and more fabulous version of that girl, with cooler pieces and a face still oh so cute. She writes a lot about fashion, and I read it all, cause she's also talented in writing, which amuses me loads.

Hannah and Landon:
Oh sigh. Hannah and Landon is my visual blog. If I feel down and sad, I always go to Hannah and Landon for some comfort. Cause the beauty of this blog is so perfect. And Hannah is so beautiful. How is it possible to be that beautiful? Sigh.

Sea of Shoes:
She's cute and her style is soooo cool. And her shoe-closet is so big it's a darn room (Or it's a wall on a room, but it aint small you know). Her pictures are fab and I love love love her hair! And of course her taste in jewelry and accesories.

Style Rookie:
She is my goddess. So young and so talented, it's almost not fair. And today I found myself shouting in my head "why aren't you more on this blog? It is so friggin' amazing and exactly what you like these days!" Cause you see, if you are like me and has a crush on the style of the 90's, then this blog is something for you. But she also takes forth other styles. That's the thing about Style Rookie. She finds everything and mix it together to something brilliant. I love her.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Today, Tuesday

Today I had two of the best girls in the world on a visit. Charlotte has been here since sunday, and we've been to the cinema and we've eaten loads of chokolate and chips and talked. And today we made the best breakfast ever-with pancakes, rollers and eggs. Which had to be photographed and published of course. We also danced a lot and got hooked on Justice's new song "Civilization", which has been on repeat the last couple of days. And that's also the reason for why none of the pictures of Charlotte is in focus. That girl just don't know how to sit still while a picture is taken!
And then, today, after the breakfast, Shirin came on a little visit. I don't see her that much since she lives in Copenhagen and I never have enough money to go visit her (which kills me, since I love to be with her so much) so I was so happy when I saw her today.

Btw, I've decided that I want to try out the more "daily-business"-kind of blog. You know, the one where you get to know more about what I'm doing and stuff. There are ceveral reasons for it, but number one is so that I have an excuse to take more pictures on a daily basis. Also because I'm moving to London (it is almost settled. I just have to go, you know. Don't have a good reason for it, I just have to) in a couple of months, and then it would be nice for my family and friends to know what I'm up to and three - I'm freaking out about everything that is happening with my life right now, and I feel like I need just at least one thing that is positive and reminds me of what I have. And this place is perfect for that! Now, I'm not saying I'll manage to keep it up all that much, but I am gonna try. Now I have to go back to the busy life of being a photographer. I know I've been warned about it, but it's still kindof shocking how much there actually is to do. Bye!

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Kvit the movie

A video my group on school did (I had to help bt on a shoot, so I couldn't participate on this video that much, but I did bring the white fabric that is used in the whole video, AND I sat next to Jarand, while he edited it. So I concider myself as the one doing the most awesome work). 

Our class has been divided into four groups, and each group has made their own magazine (as mentioned earlier) and done other fun stuff. This time we were gonna make a video commercial for ourselves. My group is called Kvit, which explanes the title on the end of the movie. Enjoy!

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Oh Amy

The Amy Winehouse-period is back again. Lying on the floor, singing with all I've got. 
Or cooking dinner or cleaning while I'm dancing, trying to feel better. 
And it always works! I end up feeling ready to wear dresses and put bow-ties in my hair again.


Selfportraits from yesterday. I came home and just felt like taking pictures of my alfit in my window. Easy as that. 
Have gotten into a good period with lots of ideas and inspiration in me. One of the benefits of being without any thoughts about a boy whatsoever. It's a bliss really, being without insecure thoughts about wether or not he likes me or wants me or has someone else. I am so satisfied with it that I don't even bother to go out to check up people anymore. Good idea or not, I don't give a f***. I have twice as much time doing the things I love so I win.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Moodboard of an idea I got when I saw the hall up to my appartment an hour ago

Do I see a new project coming on? I think so!

(poor neighbours though. I think they see me as a pervert, since I'm taking pictures out of the window and straight into (what looks like for them) their appartments. Today a man watched me for ten seconds, till he recognised the camera in my hand and then drew the curtains together fast. Haha, I felt like a real creap!)

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Native Oh Two

Second shoot from the Native-serie.
Model: Hanna H, Trend Models


Behind the kindof-scene

Here I am, sitting with some pretty pictures of a pretty pretty girl. It's from my personal project called Native. And I aint by far done with it! And while I'm stuck with my computer for the next couple of hours (for fun of course), I'm drinking something I've learned to love. Which is kind of sad, since it really is expensive. Bought it for a drinking-commercial-assignment on school (Bt was the model. Smoking hawt maaan!). And since I bought three bottles-just to be sure I got it right, well, then I had a lot to drink up. And here I am. Addicted to something I thought tasted at first like grass and shit on a bottle.

Saturday, 2 April 2011


Lately I've been more and more in love with food. And not the food you find in boxes, bags and tincan's. I've been falling in love with tomatoes, ruccola, mozarella and pesto. You wouldn't have thought that of me a year ago when I couldn't even mix a bloody 1-2-3-mix right. But here I am. The proud maker of food you can eat and live through to tell the tale. 
Today I made lasagna (yes I did cheat halfway through, with lasagna sauce. But that was more because of lack of time and me being angrily hungry) with chicken and a salad on the side. And I made it while drinking red wine and reading Vogue. Yes-sir! And now I feel pretty adult-y.