Tuesday, 1 March 2011

This is so cheesy

Okay, so this is really really cheesy - I know. But you see, I am one part bored and nine parts tired of school, so then I end up listening to Daft Punk and doing cheesy stuff. Like this. So I thought: Let's make this year the DAFT PUNK YEAR! yeah you heard me! Well, I'm not gonna lie to you. I actually have been thinking that for a long time now. Maybe some Daft Punk-parties, a daft punk-photo-serie. And learning french. The last one actually not having anything to do with daft punk other than that it is a french band, but hey let's make this a grand thing.
So, my dear readers - this year you'll be so tired of me talking about Daft Punk that you'll end up puking. And when you're finished, you'll sing "one more time". Or maybe not necessarily that song, since it implies that you want to  puke again, and lets face it - there aren't many that like to puke. 
But another song from them works fine too.

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