Monday, 28 February 2011

Old pictures

Three pictures from the film I developed today. The top two from my my spain-trip with my grandfather when I was ten. The third from two years ago, when Karianne and I went swimming a hot summers day. I really love the picture in the middle. I am the little head sticking up from the pool, and it just looks like it's reeeally old.
It's not about choosing a city - it's about choosing a lifestyle, a friend and a future. 
Don't tell me it's an easy decision.

Native Analogue Pale Face

I developed some films today. One which were from the native-shoot I had with Hanna, and the other two were some old ones. One of which is (amazingly) ten years old! When I borrowed my grandfather's camera, there were a film in it, and I switched it with one of my own films, so when I developed it, I found out I took his film instead of mine. And on it was actually pictures from our trip to spain when I was ten. That is exactly why I love analogue films. You never really know what you'll find if you are as messy as me. teehee.

Friday, 25 February 2011

Blit to the Z

Today I borrowed one of the school's blitzes. Just to try out and learn new stuff. What happened when I got it home? It does not want to sync with my camera. And then I got sort of pissed/sad and did the only right thing to do. I took selfportraits of myself in the sofa with the bloody built-in-blitz on the camera. This is the result of my outrage, and now I am only waiting for Heidi to come home (my roomie who also is my classmate, if you didn't know) and hope that she has other ideas on how to sync this bullshit.

Love from Camilla

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

One Hit

Selfportraits on the PhotoBooth in the middle of the night.

In my Mind

I want to shoot girls. In a trashy way. Recently I've fallen in love with the trashy look and the native look. I want to connect those two genres together. Maybe make something so wrong that it becomes right. Maybe make someone pretty so ugly they start being pretty again. I want to manage doing something like that. And I also want to find my photographic style. Am I plastic fantastic, shabby chic or maybe classic? I have no idea. I love it all and want to do it all. And I don't know how to make people relate my pictures to me without having my signature in the corner. And I don't know how to make my pictures stand out from the rest of you darn talented photographers out there. You could say I am in a little dark place profesionally. 
Money could fix it. If I had any, hah.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Madonna for Dolce&Gabbana

I really, really like the Dolce & Gabbana campaign pictures with Madonna. 
I just... really really like them you know.
Don't know what else to say about it. Other than that I like them. Hooray for that.


Am listening to The Knife. Brings back memories of the music I used to listen to.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

From an iphone's point of view

 Goodbye beautiful Norway

 Hello amazing Morocco

Here are some pictures from my iphone. There will be a lot of Africa-posts the next couple of days, but what did you expect. Honestly. It's Africa. 
If I should sum up the trip into a few keywords, it would be fun, exciting, new, scary, uncomfortable, relaxing, warm, moving. And a hell of an experience!


Some of the things I've bought in Marokko. Will try to post some more pictures of it when I'm not still packing things out of the suitcase. Will also post some africa-pictures soon. It was a hell of a trip! 
I just have to go back there and bring a model and some awesome clothes and take some fashion-stuff down there. One day.

Monday, 14 February 2011


Some pics from the trip. It is really nice to see some sun! Ah-mmm!

Friday, 11 February 2011


Tomorrow I'm going to Africa! More exact Marrakech, Marokko. 
Don't have that much else to say other than my suitcase is seriously crammed with clothes. And that I now want to sleep, but aint tired at all.

Picture from last years secondgraders trip. By the way, did I mention it was a school-trip? Well it is.
Didn't know which pic to post, so took the one the school has on it's webpage. In front of the camera is Marius and random native man, and behind it is Lovise Mo - both secondgraders last year (not the man) and great photographers.

Thursday, 10 February 2011


Reblogged from David. Just because Thomas looked fabulous in that alfit!

Wednesday, 9 February 2011


I developed a film today at school. It's from... well to be honest I'm not really sure where everything's from. And I'm not really sure when either. But it is small pictures from my life. I should use my grandfathers old camera more often.

The Business-Camera-Woman

Today I've taken some food-pictures (school assignment as usual). I really liked the restaurant I took the photos in, so I hope there'll be some good pics out of it. We'll see (am transferring them as we/I le speak-o). I also have been baking and making some food myself and taken pictures of it today. Yes, you heard me mom! And it actually looked and tasted faaabolous! I am getting pretty handy at the kitchen, guys. So now I am expecting looads of men at my door, wanting to marry me.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Model Testing

Model: Aslaug

Am I good at picking out models, or what! She's never done it before, and still she nailed being a model. There are no theme or thought-through style going on here, just some small model-testing to see if she worked. And she did. I am happy right now. And should go to bed, considering I have to get up again in four hours to go to work. ugh.