Friday, 30 December 2011

Second Christmas Eve

Each year me and Karianne has this tradition of getting together our gang of friends and celebrate christmas together. With everything that christmas eve has to offer. This year was no exception.
Food, cookies, cakes, candy, whine and beer, oh my! And of course - christmas-gifts! 

Me putting the gifts "under the tree" (the tree was supersmall and standing on that kitchenbench, so really I just laid the gifts on the bench. But that don't sound that christmas-y you know)

Tina and Henrik


Our christmas-tree is the sparkly thing to the left. And all around is the gifts that were supposed to be under it hehe.

The men in the kitchen making dinner. Just how we girls like it!

The evening got very intense on the camera-part with two photographers and one movie-maker

And last off, a picture of today (the christmas-eve-second-edition was yesterday), when I met Charlotte for a dinner and a movie and some more christmas-gift-openings. It was a very nice day indeed.

Monday, 26 December 2011

This is me

Hahaha no just kidding. But ohman I laugh every time I see this picture. I love this cat, I love this picture!
Source unknown unfortunately. 

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

Kindof lame christmaspicture of me there, but the striking coincidence of red and green around (and on) me was to big to not notice and do something about. I were also meant to bring my cat along for the picture, but she is too much of a queen to even let me hold her. So instead of a cosy and christmas-y "here is me and my cat saying merry christmas"-picture, I ended up scarred (the really bad ones that are swollen and never seem to stop hurting. Stupid cat.) and with a lame half-smile on my lonely christmas-picture. 

Anyway, merry christmas! 

Sunday, 18 December 2011

My window

Right now.


Selfportrait of me this morning.
And in two days my morning will be pure perfection, waking up next to Karianne and laughing from the second we wake up. We do that every time. I miss her so much every day. Everybody talks about long-distance relationships with boyfriends, but OH MY the friendship-part is a thousand times worse if you ask me!

Tomorrow night I'm leaving Copenhagen to go home for Christmas. And I look so much forward to it, I don't really know where to put my feet today. I try to make the day run fast by drinking loads of coffee (always gets me c-c-crazy) and singing along to Adele. My neighbours must hate me, I don't really do it half-hearted when I'm home alone ("we could have had it aaaAAAAA-AAAAAAAALL!!!!").

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Night Life

A little test-serie to check out how I feel about these kind of pictures. I think I like it. Just the feeling of not being pressed to rely on all the technique in a way. Just do it.

Model: Kristine H.
Photos: Me

Monday, 12 December 2011


Source: and unknown (unfortunately. stupid tumblr)

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Turning One Year Younger

Yesterday my sweet roomie Shirin celebrated her birthday with great food (I regret I didn't take pictures of it. But would maybe not get that many photos of them anyway, since we used like thirty seconds to eat it all up. It was so unbelieveably delicious) and great music. And I met a whole bunch of beautiful and funny girls! Such fun, oh. I like birthdays (except from my own. They never seem to get right. Ever.)

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Day seven

Yesterday was one of those days that just start out nice. Nothing special happened, I just woke up and felt good you know. I made myself a really nice breakfast and watched some sex and the city (And some New Girl later on, which by the way makes me laugh so hard that I cry and want to womit at the same time). And after a nice and slow breakfast, I took the subway to the inner city and went photoshoot-clothe-shopping with my stylist for this week (that almost made me sound like a photographer-douche. Haha nice). It was pretty cool. I found myself two vintagedresses that I want so much it hurt to get out of the store. I am SO saving up money for them. And I have to loose two dress-sizes, but that is OKAY! THEY ARE WORTH IT!

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

City Life

So lately I've been kinda away from the internet (for like... being me). I have finally gotten a lot of hours at work, which means no time for play and all adult stuff like work every day and paying bills and eating noodles (which is maybe more like a student-thing, but oh BOY nobody really talks that much about that time AFTER your student-life and you have like a quadrillion dollahs in educational loans and hard to get a job (okayokayokay, I might not have chosen the best carreer to make it in. But still) and struggle to get it right in oh so many ways. But now it is all okay. Now I have work and hopefully I'll get a lot of money next sallary and then I will be like yay happydance you know. 

Luckily, all my workinghours are like type-o "working nine to five(whaaat a way to make a LIVING)"-ish, so I'll get home in the right time of day. Which means I have time to come up with fancy ideas for shoots and stuff. So here is my moodboard for one of my two forthcoming shoots these next couple of days before I leave Copenhagen and go home for some christmas-y weeks. 
I have faith in this one. I really really do! This might just be "the one" (once again I want to push on the fact that I don't need a boyfriend because I have fashion). The one that will hold me thight and say that everything is gonna be allright-"you are beautiful Camilla. Just the way you are". 
Okay, enough random-talk from me now. I'll post more as soon as there is something to post. Hopefully it'll be soon. I am dying a littlebit more inside for each day I don't do pictures. Oh jeeses that is bad.

Monday, 28 November 2011


I ran around the whole day yesterday, cleaning and washing and making the apartment pretty and christmas-y. Not all that much christmas-y though, it is still not december (I am the christmas-nazi. You aint doing anything christmas-y in front of me before december comes, babes. That is just wrong!). But it was the first day of advent and then you have to do a little. And make a advent wreath (which it obviously is called on wikipedia even though I've never heard of it). But since I have like ZERO money right now, I had to make it myself. So yesterday, I waited 'till it got dark and ran out with my scissors and gloves and cut branches off of my neighbour's trees. I felt like the optimal creep! (Here is a victory-picture of myself afterwards)

And this resulted in a really cute and FREE "advents wreath" (still fells wrong dude). Okay, the candles wasn't free but that is like... kinda obvious you know.

I kindof liked this too. Looks like I actually have purple hair for a second there. Kinda cool. Haha.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Okay so yeah, it looks like I'm back on the self-portrait-period again. Have started on that whole "finding-thy-self"-thing (photographicly speaking) and this kind of photo kind of suits me. At least right now. It... it just makes me feel more comfortable. And that is the whole point of it isn't it. To be comfortable with your working methods. So yay me, maybe this is it. Have to just find out with a real model first. Maybe not so comfortable when I have someone else than me to work with...

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Sex to the city to the LOVE you know

Evenings like these are some of the best. Me, my favourite tvshow and tea. And secret planning on secret things like christmasgifts (I'm broke which can be translated into really interesting christmasgifts for those who are getting any from me this year) and shoots. And I live in Copenhagen. What a perfect life y'all! (Oh fuck, just remembered I have like a whole apartment full of things that needs to be washed up. Scratch that last part and replace it with "What a semi-almost-there-perfect life y'all!")

Sunday, 20 November 2011

How to fuck up a picture and kindof get away with it

I wrote a whole fucking lot about these pictures in a witty and cool way, but then the internet decided to turn on me and delete everything. So now I'm like... wtf here you go, I made these pictures, I fucked them up like a true artist does and wohey, I had a really good time whilst doing it.
And will get friends soon I promise. That sentence would have been funny if you had only read my earlier text to this post, which you...didn't... so... Fuck the internet you know. Just kidding, I love it, it is my life.


Seven photobooth-pictures of myself. Sometimes I wish cameras could be as easy and careless as the photobooth-pictures. No details, no fuss, just a picture. Though always of me in this case, but if I could make pictures with models like this, just as easy and carefree, I would. Am actually concidering making a shoot with a similar-in-easyness camera, the compact film-camera I use to take random pictures with. Just to sort of strip away everything "fancy" (the little fancy that my OH SO idioticly old and disturbingly bad camera I have as a "professional" one, can make. Oh god, how is it I still have a Canon 400D. And I call myself a photographer - shame on me!). 
Stay tuned, this girl got some ideas cookin'!

Friday, 18 November 2011

My Home

Just a little glimpse again on the apartment, this time from the night's point of view. Some of them I got up at three in the morning to take. Not necessarily because it was such an amazing view that needed to be captured, more the feeling. I love the feeling these views give me and I wanted to share it. That's all.