Saturday, 2 October 2010

My oh My

I have all these great ideas for different photoshoots in my head. But I don't have time to do them. I don't have time to relax and breathe either. And that makes me so... blind.
What I do that makes me so busy? Well, you have the usual. School, work, friends. But then I have friends from school. Friends from earlier days. Friends I've just learned to know. Boys. Boys all over the place. Boyfriend? Lover? Just a friend? Maybe have it all? And then it is all the stuff I do for myself. Working out a plan for next year. London? Not London? School or no school? Money, money, money. MONEY!
I'm working on my week-project. You might think "hey, one picture a week isn't all that much, dude". Well, yeah it is. When you have all the other things going on around you as well, it sortof is a bit too much. And of course, there's this other thing. The thing every girl in the universe seems to have a problem with and which we just never seem to ever be satisfied with. And that makes me tired, you know, constantly feeling fat or ugly or whatnot. Stupid girl-brain. Why won't you just shut off?

I have to find a way to get more energy. And most of all, I need a way to just tune out once or twice without thinking about all that needs to be done.
 If I only could move to an island were I only need to worry about wether or not to go swim or just lie in the grass and look at the clouds.

The last two pictures are by the way some old ones from two years ago when I sort of understood I wouldn't go to London when I thought I would. And that made me very sad, as you might see.


Emeka said...

hey, found your blog through a Google Alert. keep it up. one photo a week is a start and it's better than people that keep planning and intending to do stuff and never end up getting a thing done.

Emeka said...

launching a new fashion / style site www.goodtogoout or in a couple weeks. would love it if you'd try out the private beta and give me your thoughts!