Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Week 37

Okay, so the weeks have sort of been shifted a bit around on this project of mine. But (!!!) I'm doing the week 36-project on thursday, so I'm not totally behind the schedule! And I am doing it! yay!
I can't believe I actually am managing this project! What an idea, Camilla! Brilliant!

Today I copied a vogue-picture and it's actually very similar, something I'm not sure I'm totally satisfied with. Even though the project is about copying a picture, I still want to make it somewhat my own you know. And I haven't decided if I should post the picture I am copying as well as my outcome or not. Oh well.

It's by the way (if you didn't notice) a self portrait. Karianne helped me with the makeup. Ilu, babe!

1 comment:

Hege Abrahamsen said...

Ble jo fint da :) Mon tro hvilke bilder du har kopiert :)