Friday, 3 September 2010


My google'ing is so awesome these days. I'm moving beyond awesomeness. Google. It's cool. And I'm cool for doing it so right.

And another thing. Today I met Malin and we talked a lot about what we want to do and what we want to acchieve in life. And by god! I've never been more inspired to do stuff than now! And I say "stuff" cause there is so many things I want to do. It's not just being a fashion photographer, it's everything else too! I want to move, draw, live in London (well that one has been on my list for fourteen years now), make collages and write and...and... oh oh OH all I want to do with my life!

p.s. random picture I took of myself one year ago. If you are a Gaga-fan you'll maybe notice my shoes being the same as her's. I had them first. That must mean I'm cooler than her. Just kidding.

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