Tuesday, 17 August 2010


So, lately I've been posting pictures of Malin and been praising her gorgeous look. And then she decided to take some pictures of me. And by god, she's even more talented behind the camera! I think I'm in love... hah.
So this pic is taken by Malin and I did some editing and modeling.
I did take some of her too, but I have some plans for those pics. Let's just say that I'm sick at the moment and want to kill something since it's finally summer here in Trondheim and I'm sitting indoors against my will. So then I have to do stuff to keep myself occupied. Next up: Make collages!
On the next post I'll show you what I did yesterday. Cause I have... nothing... to do!

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anitaeldjarn said...

I love it. who id the make up??