Saturday, 14 August 2010

Boys boys boys

I want to explore. Educate myself. Lear new things and get better at what I love. "Good thing you're going to school next week then" you say? Well, yes, that's true. But I feel like I should explore some more outside of school too. Get it over to my personal life. One year of just school is not enough to really become better than what I am at this moment (edit: with the right angle at this sentence I might look like a total douche. Maybe I am too. But that wasn't the intention of it. Hope you see it... haha).
I need one year of my whole self going into the subject. And lately I've been so wrapped up in these thoughts that I haven't cared for personal relationships at all. Boys don't matter right now. And that feeling is actually really, really strange! Cause I've been chasing boys and thinking about boys and been in love with boys since forever. And all of a sudden I don't care for them that much. All I think about is fashion and cameras and money and plans for the future. And education. I'm searching and downloading and google'ing (I've found out recently that I am a hell of a googler) and reading and seeing.

I'm gonna be the world's greatest fashion photographer ever!

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