Thursday, 29 July 2010


Today I went out all by myself. I took a walk and bought myself my favourite icecream. And then I walked around 'till I found a good place to sit down in the sun. Then I sat there and talked with Karianne a bit too long on the phone (hello expensive phone bill) and when I found out it was time to hang up, I went to the nearest bench and finished reading my book. And then I went home, smiling, cause it is really nice to be able to do stuff like that. And I  found out it's really nice to be an adult some times. But only till you get home and have to clean up after dinner and pay your bills. Haven't done any of it today though. Will do it tomorrow! I promise!

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Mathilde :) said...

Koselig! Jeg gleder meg ikke til å bli voksen. Om ca.. 2 uker. Når jeg flytter til Trondheim og starter på din skole. Jeg gleder meg litt da. Egentlig.