Sunday, 25 July 2010

That's Pretty Daft

You know you love something when you feel you're on the breach of crying cause you found out your favourite band is maybe having a tour soon.
Daft Punk, I love you. And I have loved you for ten years straight now. 

It's really strange to see pictures of myself at the age of ten and say "that plump little girl right there with the crooked-cut bangs and gaped teeth liked the same band that I like today at the age of twenty. And it was not Britney or Spice Girls or Justin Timberlake.  It was Daft Punk."
My conclution: I was pretty awesome back then! Even though I had this looser period in eight/ninth grade where I hid that I liked them cause people thought I was strange. And I must admit, I'm still not used to people liking them. Not as much as I do anyway. 
God, if I actually went on one of their concerts, I would cry. Yeah. I'm not embarrased to say it out loud. 
I'm woman enough for it!

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Anonymous said...

The Love of Daft Punk is felt here! The sound and the feel makes me get goosebumps! Hope and pray for a Concert Tour! <3 xx