Saturday, 24 July 2010

Right now I want to

Take more pictures with my underwater-camera and develop the pictures from last year. (I wonder what's on them)

 Do with my hair what Lolita does. I found a tutorial on Hanna and Landon's blog on how to get cute hair with cottong strings.

And watch old black and white movies with beautiful ladies in wonderful clothes.

Picture Sources: Vintageportalen, My favorite color is Shiny 
and unknown (I have forgotten the source. Please shout out if you know who took it!)


Sascha said...

...and have you watched Lolita yet??? WELL????

Camilla Hay Jenssen said...

soooooooon! SOOOOON!!!!

Mathilde :) said...

Jeg har alltid drømt om å ta fashionbilder under vann!