Saturday, 31 July 2010

Thursday, 29 July 2010


Today I went out all by myself. I took a walk and bought myself my favourite icecream. And then I walked around 'till I found a good place to sit down in the sun. Then I sat there and talked with Karianne a bit too long on the phone (hello expensive phone bill) and when I found out it was time to hang up, I went to the nearest bench and finished reading my book. And then I went home, smiling, cause it is really nice to be able to do stuff like that. And I  found out it's really nice to be an adult some times. But only till you get home and have to clean up after dinner and pay your bills. Haven't done any of it today though. Will do it tomorrow! I promise!

Tuesday, 27 July 2010


I'm so tired, I could be dead right now. 
So now I'm going to bed. But first ^ Lady Gaga. Cause she's awesome.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

That's Pretty Daft

You know you love something when you feel you're on the breach of crying cause you found out your favourite band is maybe having a tour soon.
Daft Punk, I love you. And I have loved you for ten years straight now. 

It's really strange to see pictures of myself at the age of ten and say "that plump little girl right there with the crooked-cut bangs and gaped teeth liked the same band that I like today at the age of twenty. And it was not Britney or Spice Girls or Justin Timberlake.  It was Daft Punk."
My conclution: I was pretty awesome back then! Even though I had this looser period in eight/ninth grade where I hid that I liked them cause people thought I was strange. And I must admit, I'm still not used to people liking them. Not as much as I do anyway. 
God, if I actually went on one of their concerts, I would cry. Yeah. I'm not embarrased to say it out loud. 
I'm woman enough for it!

You know what I also want?

I want old photos. Loads of them too!
When I get older and my own place to live (most preferably an awesomely big house with huge plants crawling up the outdoor-walls. 
And old furnitures and tapestry in different patterns which is so mismatched that they match anyway) I'm gonna have all my walls stuffed with old photos from everywhere around the world. 
The type of photos where People still looked stiff and the black and white just aint all that black and white yet. 

And on the walls that I won't have old photos, I'll have old paintings. Like Monet and other impressionists. With pretty ballerinas and girls with flowing hair. And flowers and sunlight and water. 

Oh my. I need loads of money, you guys!

Pic 1: (I think)
Pic 2:
Pic 3:
Pic 4:
Pic 5: Unknown
Pic 6:
Pic 7: Unknown

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Right now I want to

Take more pictures with my underwater-camera and develop the pictures from last year. (I wonder what's on them)

 Do with my hair what Lolita does. I found a tutorial on Hanna and Landon's blog on how to get cute hair with cottong strings.

And watch old black and white movies with beautiful ladies in wonderful clothes.

Picture Sources: Vintageportalen, My favorite color is Shiny 
and unknown (I have forgotten the source. Please shout out if you know who took it!)

Water Godess

So there you have it. Second round with Malin, and she still looks pretty awesome!
I really love that we're doing this as often as we do. The strange thing is that I get more and more ideas the more we do this. Maybe cause I get my fantasy-engine running or something. 
Either way - Malin looks so good it almost hurts! In a good way of course!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010


We did it again people! Malin and I took another set of photos today.  I managed to get her into the water wich was really cold (I dipped my toe and figured I got best photos from the riverside) and made her do some wavin' with my white-thingy which has been a main accesory of mine since my early photo-days.

I'm working on more photos, but won't get them done until tomorrow. Yay for tiredness!

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Wagga Wagga

The latest shoot with Malin, the most beautiful girl ever! Unfortunately it started to rain the second we started shooting, so everything was taken under a tree so the clothes (which was borrowed) wouldn't be wet. And so the shoot sort of went in the toilet. But we're not giving up! More shoots to come, people!
And yeah, p.s. I want to cut her hair off and tape it on my own head.

Saturday, 17 July 2010


Today is a nice day. It started with me feeling great and actually felt like taking a walk to the city (instead of riding the bike, like I have started to do now for the first time since I was 15 or something). And the weather is so good! Sunny and waaay hot. And then I went to the hair-dresser to cut my bangs. The girl who did it was really cute and when she was finished, she told me I got it for free! So then I was even happier! Teehee!

So now I'm ready for some partying tonight. Looking forward to it!

Friday, 16 July 2010

Camilla H.J. Portifolio

Yeah, here it is. Just a little something extra to this blog. Just so that when people ask "where can I find your pictures?" I don't need to show them to the blog where I also ramble about Miu Miu shoes and my love to vampire-characters from all the tv-series I watch.

P.s. why is it so hard for people to understand that my name actually is Hay and not May? Is it really that hard? I seem to get awful lot of post to Camilla May these days. And now the mail-service sends me a letter "we haven't got any message of a Camilla May Jensen moving to your adress". And well yes, congratulations for noticing. Cause my name is not May and not Jensen either... Goddamnit!

Oh and yes, I almost forgot. My portifolio-blog is

Wednesday, 14 July 2010


I've started with making a new blog, this time a little one which just sort of hops along with this one. It's gonna be my little portifolio-blog, teehee! But I don't think I'll be showing it to the world just yet. I'll publish the url later on when I've re-edited some of the pictures I've chosen out. I don't feel I've photoshoped the pictures to what they deserve... Yeah.

I think I'm allergic to the night.

Cause every night I start to sneeze. 
Or maybe it's my magical talent. Some are wizards, others turn into werewolfes or vampires. I turn into the little sneeze-monster just as soon as the dark comes. 

I just posted along some random pictures of myself from the last 6 months. Very, very random.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010


Look what I've done.
...with a pen.

Year Twenty

Today is my twentieth birthday and when I wake up, it's gonna be celebrated with my favourite thing in the world: Cake! 
yum, teehee!

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Givenchy Couture Fall 2010

AhOhIh. This makes my tummy warm and my wallet scared. But don't wory wallet - You're not big enough anyway. 
But it sure would have been nice to have one of these dresses in reach. Especially the one on top. Sigh.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

I miss:

- Boys being dead honest about themselves
- Boys loving fashion more than me
- Girls barfing behind their bed at night
- Girls talking so nasty that people around find them inapropriate
- Girls being so cute that you smile every time you see them no matter how bad your day is
- Living in the 90's. Cause in the 90's I was young enough to have the imagination of an exciting and magical world were Buffy were real and the theme-song to Charmed was the coolest song ever.
- Boys making my knees weak when they kiss me and smile the cutest smile
- You

This Book

I haven't touched this book in two years. And three days ago I found it again. I found it, read it and started doing something I haven't done since that one day two years ago where I had a flash of imagination. I wrote.
Next thing we're touching

And when you look at me, it's as if you hit me with lightning.

Saturday, 3 July 2010


I saw James McAvoy on the telly a minute ago. That made me smile, so then I had to google him up and post a picture of him. Cause James McAvoy is. cute.

Summer Pictures

She's a beauty, that girl!

Summer, Oh Summer

Yesterday was a nice day. Finally the sun is reaching Trondheim as well. Or at  least for two days. It seems to be hiding again right now. Oh well. I did at least get one nice day with my friends out in the heat. GoodieGoodie!

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Bite Me

I feel like I look like a cartoon villain.
And today I found me some leather pants I want. 
My next goal for the summer: be skinny enough to pull off leather pants and round sunglasses.