Wednesday, 9 June 2010

My place so far

This is my street. Pretty, right?

When I got indoors yesterday, this sign met me. It says "welcome home Camilla!" 
My roomie is so cute!

This is our livingroom for now. We're missing a tv and some other stuff.
This is what meets you when you walk in to my room. A huuuuge window! I look forward to sit in it and watch all my new neighbours.

My shoes. Sigh.
This is the start of my picture-project. When I'm finished, It'll be a big square of pretty and cute pictures of various sorts. I have a feeling there will be a card or two hanging there soon as well (thank you, Charlotte, I love every card I get from you!)


bente said...

Fiiint! Æ vil kom på besøk t dåkk en dag ;)

Renate said...

Å, jeg liker leiligheten veeeeeeldig godt! Gleder meg til å se til høsten :)

david said...

gleder meg så til å komme å trashe kåken ;)

Hege Abrahamsen said...

fint :) Håpe på å få kom på besøk tel høsten :D