Friday, 18 June 2010

Hello Gel-o!

I admit it. I am -right now- bored. But don't get me wrong, I sort of enjoy it. Since well, I do get time to do stuff I don't usually make time to do. Like right now, I'm sewing on my Daft Punk-top again. But I do hope I get a job soon. Or more like another job (I sorta have two already). One day I'm gonna be so rich that I don't need to work. That is my plan!

And I hope that the weather soon will get better, cause I have a photoshoot-idea involving lots of water and a river/sea (depends on where I'll find the location). And of course some poor girl splashing in the middle of it all. ("poor girl" because of the -mildly put- cold water here in Norway). Looking forward to it. Being behind the camera and not in front that is. Moahahahah!

Well, see ya! I'm going back to sewing and probably some Buffy-watching. Damn, there is a lot of seasons to go through! Oh woops, look at that! I found disney channel. I guess Buffy can wait a little. Kidding. sorta...

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