Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Ted Mosby - Architect

You want to know what I've been busy with these last couple of days? No? Well, you're getting to know it anyway. And this my friend, is pretty boring/exhausting/tricky! And if I get thumbs down from the teacher and a command on doing it one more time, I'll sit down and cry him in the face 'till he can't do anything else then to let me pass. Yup. That sounds like a plan.

Now I have to go to sleep. A long day tomorrow as well. Fortunately it's just hanging on school doing nooothing. But still. It's much cooler being at home doing nothing. But that's enough complaining for today/night/almost-morning.

1 comment:

Hege Abrahamsen said...

Kuuult, du tok bilder av den kuppelen :)