Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Sun to the Glasses

Sit down, take a deep breath. Cause this will blow your mind. Today I... wait for it... Bought new sunglasses! Oh indeed! I walked through the store thinking "I shouldn't buy anything, I'm supposed to save money. I shouldn't buy anything, I shouldn't buy anything, I shouldnn..nn..nn't... OH sunglasses!"
And they were so fabolous that I had to wear them inside on school and put them on other people and go around saying "OHAI did you see my awesome new sunglasses?".

And then, when I got home from my unsunny-but-sunglass-wearable-weather-bus-trip, I sat on my room wearing them, feeling pretty cool. So here is the picture-proof of today's sunglass-wearing:

This is me with my cat.

As you might get a glimpse of on the top picture, my hairline is getting pretty non-redish. So then I had to dye it. And of course wear the sunglasses. Who doesn't wear sunglasses when they dye their hair?

And then I had a nice hairline again. Then I looked like this. 
Nooo I'm just kidding. I don't look like that every time I dye my hair. Just sometimes.

This is me with my coolio sunglasses. I feel like I'm rockin' it Tavi style!

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