Sunday, 4 April 2010

Lara -ohmyGOD- Jade

She's a good photographer (you should really check her out) and all that jazz, but oh god, I'm glad I'm done with this. I'm just done with making a powerpoint for this school-assignment. And I'm supposed to tell my class aaall about little miss Jade. The (kindof) awkward thing is that I know so much about her! Even things that don't say on her homepage. Because I've watched her for, like-about, 5 years now. I'm like "ohyeah, this is Lara, mah girl. Known her for 5 years now. She's like my cousin or something. yeah. *awkward silence since I've never met the girl*...yeah..."
Sooooo uhmyeah. I made this collage so that you could see some of her work. And when I say some, I mean some. Darnit, she has like a thousand million kadrillion pictures on her flickr-account!

P.S. I suck at making cupcakes. It was going a rumor around about it for some while, but now it's official. yes, people, I can't even be in the same room with someone baking cupcakes. They get f'ed up anyways. Or Anita is just as bad as me. One out of two. I'm guessing the first one. Cause I suck at it. I think cupcakes hates me. But I don't hate them though...

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