Saturday, 17 April 2010


So I've started a little project. Maybe it'll be big in the end - who knows.
I'm starting up a serie called "alien" and will work with it 'till I go tired of it. Hopefully it'll take some months/years for that to happen, so that the work at the end will be awesome and well rehearsed. These pictures are my first ones. Trying out a little light and a little makeup and a little photoshoping. I'm really looking forward to this and to see how far I can go with this alien-theme.

P.S. Blame my uncles for messing with my girl-head. If it's something I've been interested in since the age of 6, it's been sci-fi-stuff. And especially aliens. They scare me so much I love them, you know.

My uncles are to blame cause they started showing me Star Wars when I still went to kindergarten and they're just as obsessed as me. Probably them I enheritaged the fascination from.

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Anonymous said...

WOW! du e jo helt fantastisk!!!!