Friday, 19 March 2010


Today has been a busy day! Running around from school to Karianne to "work" (it's babysitting. but I do get paid, so I guess it goes under the term work even though it feels a bit wrong to call it so) and then home to do homework. Yes it is fun with pictures and having it as homework is real a treat. But right now I just... don't want to look at photoshop ever again. ugh.

But what I also did today, was getting my new (and oh-so-big) pc-screen! And thank god for my connections on the local shop/post-office, or I wouldn't get that big, big box in to my car without doing something I'd curse at (thank you, Henrik). I even took a picture of it now, to prove to you that it is really big. Please look past my tired-ass-looking face (which is trying really hard to look less tired but makes it somewhat worse in the process).

One plus of today: It was raining (I like rain, teehee)
One minus: The rain made me cold all the way home from the city (I don't like the cold the rain always brings along on the ride)

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