Thursday, 25 March 2010

Cutting it Cool

Pic of me by Jarand

I have a plan. It can be pretty cool if I do it right and if I manage to actually do what's needed to make it pretty. It will take a lot of time. A year or two maybe. But in the end it will look gorgeous (as said like Lafayette in True Blood for those of you who've seen it). I am talking about my hair and about cutting it. It won't be noticeable to anyone besides me and the ones closest to me who've witnessed it being raped by my lazyness in not cutting it regulary. But now! This time! I'm sure I'll manage it! And this time I'm cutting it right off. No pretty haircuts which will make me popular on school and amongst the boys. No edgy "oh my god-that girl looks so awesome with her new haircut!"-haircut. Nothing like that. Just plain and boring. Because, you see, in the end it will be superlong and supercool and I can look like all the cool girls! Like for example Lexi in Vampire Diaries (not that I watch that serie that much. almost never seen it! I promise!). The only thing I think when I see her is "she has so much hair! I want that! Without using extensions and horsehair from china or whatever.

So yeah. That was it for today.

This is Lexi from Vampire Diaries (not that I really know for sure. I'm not really watching it. Serious!)

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