Monday, 1 February 2010

Today is Today

Today I've borrowed one of the blitzes on school. And I've taken some pictures for one of the assignments on school. And now I'm at home, happy flappy since I got my TOTALLY teenage-crush-tv-serie in my mail! I'm talking bout Roswell. After several years with not-very-legal-dvd's, I figured I wanted to buy the real deal.

So now I'll put on some super-duper-awesome makeup (haha) and maybe some clothes and shoes and learn a bit more about these strange blitzes. It's only one way to get better at it, you know. Practice, practice, practice!!
I think the picture on the top shows how well I know them already (for those of you who don't know/notice, the blitz is up-side-down. Just for fun of course. I knew perfectly well what I was doing at the time. Seriously.)

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