Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Oh yeah Oh Ah!

Today was a very shocking day. A very shocking day indeed. Today I... this actually hurts to admit... Today I fell asleep when the teacher showed us different fashion-pictures! It's absurd, but today I actually got enough of watching fashion-pictures! But don't worry. The hour home on the bus was all the pause I needed to keep on going strong in the fashion-watching. So now I'm back in business.

Photoshoot tomorrow. I think I'm nervous. I do at least look very very very much forward to it! I'm using the infamous girl whom I ran after as model. And, if I'm a good girl and manages to finish it - I'll use the top with the plastic beads on. If it looks nice. Woyay!

Btw: Pictures are not mine. The one on top: I have no idea where I got it from. The one on bottom: Lady Gaga from her newest (and absolutely coolest) music video "Bad Romance".

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