Sunday, 24 January 2010

Midnight Shoot

Last night when I was going to bed, and was really tired and could almost not even keep my eyes open, I saw something. Just as my eyes would close, I saw something I couldn't let go. It was so beautiful! So I turned on the light and started looking for my camera. I was half asleep already and started looking like they do in the movies - just throwing things around and desperately looking for something. When my room was a total mess, I remembered: It's in the living room! So then I ran at two thirty in the morning, to get my camera and to take a picture. And then I sat on my bed, holding my breath (since it was so dark, I needed a long shutterspeed. And it was really hard since I suck at holding my breath longer than five seconds) and took a picture of my almost-dead flowers.

p.s. I can't believe I could take pictures in 1600iso without noticing the incredible intense noice when I was fresh photographer-meat! I was blind, I tell ya!

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