Saturday, 2 January 2010

2010 On a yellow Post-It

My new years resolution has been delicately written on the fine craftment of a yellow post-it! Well, to be exact, three yellow post-its. On them I've written all the mistakes I'll try to avoid which I won't be able to anyway, all the achievments I want to do, which I either will do halfheartedly or not at all (you see that I'm keeping my expectations on myself all high). Okay, maybe some of them I'll manage to pull through. At least I hope for it! The censored version is (some are a tad bit private, which I don't want the world to see - hence the censoring):

-Finish my Fashion-project (Haven't talked about it here on the blog, but I got a personal project from my headmaster on school. Maybe I'll talk more about it when I've figured out more)
-Move to the city (I hope I'll manage that one, since my best friend lives there now as well, teehee)
-Write more letters (Looks like I'll actually manage that one! Got two (!!) pen-pals already)
-Buy more cd's and dvd's (before they go out of style and everything is files and mp3's and some space on the big almighty harddisc).
-Save money (I like the fact that I wrote this one right after "buy more stuff". It wasn't even intentional)
-Fall in love
-Taste the cute cookies on M (I don't remember the name on them even though I've read about them a hundred times!)
-Visit Karianne (easy peasy one)
-Learn to cook (tricky tricky one)

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