Thursday, 3 December 2009

Crazy after them pretty girls

Oh my god, I had the biggest adrenalin-kick today. I litterally shaked afterwards, and couldn't text on my mobile. You see, I was goint around on the mall, looking for a dress with Karianne when I saw this AMAZING looking girl. She was -in chance of sounding lesbian... Everything I wanted! Big lips, woderfull hair and exotic looks. And good style, which didn't make it worse. I ran to Karianne, told her I saw this really pretty girl, and she told me "run after her then!". So I did. But it was so crowded and she had gotten far, so I had to run like a maniac through the whole mall to get to her, and up some stairs as well! So when I catched her I was sweating and breathing heavily and shaking and not really able to talk (poor girl who had to experience it). Everything ended well, and when I finally catched my breath again, I told her I wanted her as my model one day and I got her number. I'm so happy! And what a kick, hah!

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