Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Semester done, gone!

And then I was finished on school for this semester. And I can't decide wether or not it's freeing or sad. Cause... well... it's so fun! Jeeses, it'll be boring without my classmates these next couple of weeks. BUT, I do have a little project or two in mind since (almost) everybody is going home and I've got the studios on school (almost) by myself. Teehee. And I'm planning on using my fantastic, new model whom I ran after the other day and (probably) scared the shit out of. It can't get any better!
These pictures are from my last assignment on school for this semester. The task was to make a cologne-add for men, using a nude male model and a bottle of cologne. All taken by me, by the way. If anyone doubted it. The two underneath didn't make it through in my tough decision, but I like them anyway. I actually like the bottom one the most, but it just doesn't fit the assignment very well. Unfortunately. Well, enjoy. I know I did, teehee (ssshhhh, don't tell anyone)!


Tina Von B said...

Seriøst Camilla, nicely done! kjekke gutter : D

Shirin Celine said...

hveeeeem e dem??????

Siril said...

Joakim jo! så gøy! kor du fant han?