Monday, 9 November 2009

Star Warsie

I felt really cool today, walking around with this shirt. I actually found it in the girls-department, for a change! Usually I have to go in the children-boy-department to find anything, and they aren't really all that cool anyway. But this!!! Oh my, this is heaven! Other than my (for now) favourite shirt, I'm wearing my favourite pants (the only one I really wear. I usually go for skirts and dresses), one of my favourite shoes (all my high heels are my favourites, hah) and necklace "made" by buttons I got from my superheroes, SlagsMålsKlubben.

...And why I had my new mac with me in the pictures? Well, when it's as expensive as that, it sure as hell will be used in every way possible!

Good day and Good night.

1 comment:

Ane Marte said...

Har Star Wars-genser til kidden, men dævven har lyst på min egen også! Din var digg! :D