Monday, 19 October 2009


Hello there!
I am now sitting on my brand new MacBookPro! Who would think that little me with all the big, negative comments on Mac, actually did the hypocrite thing and turned over completely like that! It must be the bad influence from school. No other option. 
Tomorrow I have a shoot which is an assignment from class. I have absolutely no idea how it'll turn out! No, really! No idea at all! So that will be.. interesting...

That's by the way  some pictures from the brand new macbook-webcam. Well, I am a girl. And that's sort of what us girls do. Or at least girls like me. Young, naive and cute. Hah. Yeah, something like that. I reeeally should go to sleep now. Haven't got that much sleep last night (partying late yet again) and if I keep this work up, I'll probably get little sleep tonight as well. 

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