Saturday, 10 October 2009

Ego Trippin'

I'm posting some pictures from people I know who've used me as a model. I like them all so much (because of the photographer, not because I'm on them, hah). The ones on top here are taken by Anita.
This is Erik's work.

Those two are Anne's.

And at last I just had to bring along these pics from Victoria. They're old and not taken by someone in my class (as the ones above are) BUT I love them too much to not show them to you.


karianne said...

du e nydeligst i verden

Bente said...

Fiiine bilder, og fiiin modell :D Kjekt å ha fotogene folk i klassen ;)

Ingunn said...

så mange fine bilder camilla, bra du har tid til å hjelpe de andre i klassen, trengs jo flinke modeller sant:)