Thursday, 17 September 2009


Today we got a fashion-assignment on school and my brain started going on high speed. "Where, what, when, who, how, oh my god I can't wait to start!" and then I started thinking: "oh my god, how good are my "fashion-ish" pictures? can they be called fashion pictures at all?". So now I'm looking through my old pictures (or trying to, but deviantart doesn't seem to want to cooperate with me today). And I'm showing some of them to you. Becaaaause... I'm bored! So enjoy. Or not. Up to you.

One of my first fashion-ish-picture. Well I can't hide the fact that I very much liked working with textures.

And then I stopped using textures. Thank God...

And I started using toilets instead, haha.

This pic is from my first shoot ev-ver! Even though it's not so good, it's still my favourite serie.


Renate said...

for det 1.: kule bilder
for det 2.: mitt mål er ikke å bli så veldig begeistra for twilight-bøkene uansett ;P gidder (les: har ikke råd) ikke kjøpe enda en bok. har startet på new moon nå, så må dessverre skuffe deg :/ hehe..

Renate said...

wow, da er det godt mulig jeg benytter det tilbudet om jeg liker denne boka ;)