Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Drastic Fantastic

I want to cut my hair short! I haven't been short-haired since I was about ten (for a good reason too. I looked horrible!) and it's starting to tempt me. But is it something I should do? I mean, I'm so fond of my long hair, and I really love it looong, like it once was (before I cut it to the long-but-not-pretty-long hair I have now - obviously). Then again, maybe I'll love my hair even more when it's short. Or maybe I'll hate it.

...Well there you have it. My head at the moment, not really in any state of making any decision. Is it ever? Blah.

Me that time I looked horrible and had horrible short hair.

Me with the long hair I love so much. Though I would probably love it more if it weren't so thin and "worn" (don't remember any other explanation for it atm).

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